cerita dalam bahasa inggris untuk anak sd

cerita kancil dan buaya dalam bahasa inggris di seri cerita binatang ini sangat lucu. menceritakan tentang seekor buaya yang lapar melihat kancil yang cerdik sedang mencari mentimun di seberang sungai. dengan kecerdikannya kancil berhasil lolos dari santapan buaya & bisa kenyang memakan mentimun.

deer and crocodiles story in English in the series is very funny animal story. tells the story of a hungry crocodile saw deer were looking dodgy cucumbers across the river. with cleverness deer escaped crocodiles and fine dining can be satisfied eating cucumbers

certia kedua ;

The ball is on the floor. It is a red ball. It is a rubber ball. The baby looks at the ball. The cat looks at the ball. The cat is black. The cat walks over to the ball. The cat hits the ball with its paw. The ball rolls on the floor. The baby smiles.

cerita ketiga :

The window is open. Air comes through the window. It is warm air. It is a warm day. The air smells like bread. It smells like fresh bread. It smells good. It makes the boy hungry. The boy goes to the kitchen. He makes a sandwich. He sits down. He eats the sandwich.

keempat ;

She is busy after school. She comes home after school. She does her homework. She takes the dog for a walk. She feeds the dog. She eats dinner. She clears the table. She brushes her teeth. She watches TV. She watches for two hours only. Her parents allow her only two hours. She goes to bed.

kelima :Grandma and Grandpa Are Nice
Her grandma is short and fat. Her grandpa is tall and thin. They are both old. They have white hair. They smell funny. They always hug her. They always kiss her. They always bring her gifts. They always bring her chocolates. They always visit for a few days. They are nice to her. She loves them.

keenam : His First Roller Coaster Ride

He gets on the roller coaster. His mom sits next to him. This is his first roller coaster ride. The roller coaster starts up. It is fast. It goes up and down. It goes around and around. He looks at his mom. His mom looks at him. They both laugh. The roller coaster is fun!

ketujuh : Her Doll Is Like Her

Sharon is four years old. She is pretty. She has a doll. It is pretty. Sharon has blonde hair. The doll has blonde hair. Sharon has short hair. The doll has long hair. Sharon gets a pair of scissors. She cuts the doll's long hair. She finishes. Now the doll has short hair too.

kedelapan : She Sees a Worm

She sees the worm. The worm crawls on the ground. It crawls slowly. She watches it. She picks it up. It wiggles in her hand. She puts it in her mouth. It wiggles in her mouth. She takes it out of her mouth. She puts it back on the ground. It crawls into a hole.


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